Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tube-A-Licous! ( )

Paparazzi New Release!

Hi babes,I'm back agian! Today I'm so excited to show off my retro tube tops that comes in six colors! I'm happy to release them you.So until next time, "asta la Paparazzi baby".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Posh! ( )

Hi my little muffins, today i decided to go hair perfect with these cute little hairs from Posh. Thanks To Jeanie I have the new collection from her. These hairs can be worn with any outfit what so ever. I just think they are picture perfect!

Posh Hair
Posh Hair
Posh Hair
Posh Hair
Posh Hair

Paparazzi Blog Pic.

I decided to put a little zest with this hair style.
What I modeled with Posh's hair.
Hair- ; Push & Shove ; Coffee (Posh)
Jakcet-No Strings Attached Dark Brown (Veschi)
Bra- Spike Bra Set-(Mustache)
Shorts- My Jean Shorts (Milk Motion)
Shoes-Allure-Sock Yin Yang (Maitreya Gold)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Varsity Girlfreind. ( )

Super Supreme.

Hi my love muffins. Today I was watching the "Play Ball" video with, Drake And Birdman,then I remembered that my best freind Paid made the exact same Varsity jacket on Secondlife that he was wearing.So I decided to blog it and show what a great job he did on the jacket.This jacket is for males but I took it upon myself to make it a nice jacket for ladies.Let's say Paparazzi captured it first.

What I Modeled With The Jacket.
Hat-NWO-Pistons Snapback.(NWO)
Hair-Maitreya Piper II - Pitch.(Maitreya)
Necklace-.+*AA*+.Chunky pearl necklace (S)*black & white (DEN-DOU)
Jacket-[ P]NWO x SUPREME varsity. v.2 (NWO)
Skirt-Paparazzi-StudJeanSkirt-SkyBlue (Paparazzi)
Socks-Emery -Mid Socks (Emery)
Shoes-[PM] Baby T Plain: Black (PixelMode)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Lovely Lena. ( )

Lena Horne .

Lena Horne died at 92. A beautiful woman graced upon us as she spreaded possibilites no one thought could be achieved among the human race.Her beauty was fawless and her voice as sultry and her songs made us all feel at home.Just remember the angels are smiling Lena and fans like me will always remember you.

Lena Horne,1917-2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Somthing New. ( )

SplashMe Leotard

Hello my babes Londie is back agian, more than ready to show off my new leotard.It has the little touches that will drive the guys and girls crazy for the summer and draw you some full attention It is avalible in five vibrant colors.

See you until next time!

Friday, May 14, 2010

What's New At Paparazzi! ( )

Paparazzi StudSkirt.

Ohai! Tis I my little lambs your very own Bonnet Hendes, I have decided to start blogging becasue well I wanted to ( good enough reason!) I am the creative mind and owner of Paparazzi and I have a lil sneek peek of this amazing studded skirt. I just feel in love with the cleaness and edge of this design. Studs are all over fashion right now. Thanks to the fab Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. So I think you should come take a peek and try this little number on for size!

Love always

Bonnet <3

Here Is The Link

See You There.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"The Preface". ( )

So..Oh Anyways!! This Blog Is To Express Our Feelings For Fashion,Music And Also Included My Store.I Will Not Be Only Showing My Items But What People Do Not Notice In Secondlife. Want To Thank Many People For Helping Me Along The Way And Pushing Me No Matter How Many Times I Wanted To Quit! No Particular Order. Ally,Riot,Mae,Mandi,Sevii,& My Rotten Twin Bri.